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U-Pistol’s ‘Last Splinter’ Captures A Love-Induced Tale

The seasoned artist draws influence from the Japanese free-to-play mobile game, injecting his unparalleled sound and lyricism on a 13-track record.
James Francisco

U-Pistol (Ulzzang Pistol) travels depths beneath the surface, uncovering a journey of longing and connection through his March 1, 2024 studio album titled “Last Splinter.” Drawing inspiration from the free-to-play mobile game Fate/Grand Order, the anti-pop resident converges blissful sound and dreamy visuals, forging a voice of his own and innovating the Japanese title through his lyrics and storytelling prowess.

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U-Pistol incorporates regional influences in his 13-track record, further uplifting his eccentric cross-cultural sound. It is through this approach that the “Last Splinter” exceeds barriers, connecting through a relatable theme reminiscent of a bittersweet past and the necessity of moving forward.

“Being in the state of love and everything in between, written in a foreign tongue, in a foreign moniker, I want to destroy the barriers that kept my soul from reaching yours…Come find me, beyond the divide,” U-Pistol mentioned.

Describing himself as “the chained man who refuses to move on, and the author who wants to,” Fate/Grand Order holds great importance, regarding it as the foundation of the studio album’s composition. Through the game’s near-decade lifespan, he simultaneously thrives and grows, integrating a variety of modernized genres that encapsulate his sound. 

“Visually, of course, there’s the game (Fate/Grand Order) that I used to play—that I still play actually to this day. The content of the sound comes from a lot of modern take on pop or anti-pop, mixed with shoegaze and rap elements and all that good stuff,” he tells Complex Philippines.

Listen to U-Pistol’s “Last Splinter,” now available across all major streaming platforms.

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