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Spotify Previews the PH’s Defining Sounds Through Wrapped 2023

James Francisco

It’s that time again when Spotify’s “Wrapped” populates social media, having its users share their statistics and connecting through sound. Going on its seventh year, the 2023 update ushers a newfound way of analyzing listening data, brought forth through interactive features that are accessible on the homepage or through

Updates to the “wrapped” feature

Apart from the evergreen revelation of one’s top artists, genres, songs, and podcasts, the Swedish digital music service taps into the user’s 2023 listening persona, categorized through 12 characters that define their year through its “Me in 2023” feature. Whether jumping from artist to artist or the extensive number of playlists curated, Spotify’s algorithms showcase the type of activity on its platform.

On updated utilities, “Sound Town” detects a region where the user shares similar listening profiles to other users, celebrating the world’s bond through music.

Spotify Wrapped 2023

Spotify “Wrapped” 2023 comes in a fresher look with additional details to elevate the year-end festivities. Its “Wrapped Feed” gives a consolidated look into related metrics to their wrapped performance, such as the best editorial playlists, merchandise from top personal artists, related concerts near the user, and more. Subscribers can also merge their most played songs with others through “Blend,” as the application integrates an artificial intelligence DJ (DJ X), providing a commentary on the year’s most played tracks. The experience will be available for the first week after Wrapped launches.

Gravitating beyond the virtual means, Spotify delivers the “Wrapped” experience in person through the “Spotify Sari-Sari Store,” situated at the Mall of Asia Main Atrium from December 8-10, 2023. By sharing “Wrapped” results, subscribers can avail of merchandise representing their moods for the year. The sound weekend-filled invites the platforms’ premier podcasters, with several scheduled to appear in the flesh.

Spotify Sari Sari Store

Spotify Wrapped 2023, Spotify Sari-Sari Store

The Philippines’ communal sound

Spotify Philippines transports the celebration locally through their “It’s Been REAL, 2023: A Spotify Wrapped Party.” The one-night gathering showcased several of the nation’s growing talents and industry favorites, intertwined with the influence of its Western and Eastern counterparts. Peruse the country’s performance for 2023 below.


Spotify Wrapped 2023, Philippines’ Top Artists of the Year


Spotify Wrapped 2023, Philippines’ Top Local Artists of the Year


Spotify Wrapped 2023, Philippines’ Top Songs of the Year


Spotify Wrapped 2023, Philippines’ Top Podcasts of the Year

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