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Ben&Ben Opens a New Chapter with Single “Could Be Something”

Ben&Ben Could Be Something
James Francisco

Revamping their Filipino Folk/Pop-rock roots, Ben&Ben strums an unfamiliar ode, questioning the possibility of converging new sounds and influences through “Could Be Something”. The year 2023 signals taking “a big step forward” for the nine-piece collective, with the song’s city pop and tropicalia instrumentals peering in a promising direction.

“Could Be Something” signifies the changing times for the OPM act, incorporating their story in the electronic-leaning composition. The track speaks of the stage before the ever-ambitious leap of faith, not knowing what may lie on the other side. Its relatable hymn candidly integrates mundane themes of overthinking and overprocessing the situation before the jump—questioning the possibility that it could be something once in fruition.

Beyond its love song definition, Ben&Ben shares the relatable occurrence of the clashing of emotions within—noting all the apprehensions, doubts, and failures. Above all, it is a message of belief and encouragement to surrender any baggage before making that next step toward the beauty of the unknown.

Apart from situating itself as an anthem of hope, Ben&Ben encapsulates their six-year journey as an act and a family in the three-minute track,

“We’re still growing and evolving,” Violinist Keifer Cabugao tells Complex Philippines. “Since ang love namin is music, we enjoy relating and connecting with people because this is one of our joys. We love creating music that actually talks about our lives.”

Co-producers Timothy Run and Sam Marquez elevate the band’s identity by introducing more depth and promise into their established sound. With the intent of amplifying towards a global audience, Ben&Ben plans to debut a live rendition of the track in key cities across the country before embarking on a five-leg international tour with stops in London, Los Angeles, Toronto, Sydney, and Dubai, embracing its fledging Liwanag worldwide.

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