WAIIAN Breaks Down His Album ‘WEYAAT?’

WEYAAT, Waiian

When Waiian first got featured for our second Complex Council, what struck us was his huge emphasis on authenticity. While his Kartell’em persona utilizes hard bars to compliment the group’s intimidating vibe, individually, the 26-year-old is noticeably more laid back, using a more lo-fi approach for themes about life, mental spaces, and “genuine rap shit”. […]

The 20 Best Filipino Hip-Hop Artists In Their 20s (2023)

20 Best Filipino Hip-Hop Artists in their 20s

Complex Council member Al James said it best: Filipino hip-hop is bigger than ever before. The culture has evolved from being a copycat of Western music to encapsulating the Filipino experience, including tales of love, family, social issues, and familiar #PinoyPride. The wide range of genres, coupled with the accessibility of social media, has birthed […]