Jess Connelly on Misconceptions, Viral Stars, and Bittersweet Lessons

Jess Connelly

Jess Connelly is synonymous with the local R&B scene. It’s a name built on high-profile collaborations, international tours, and a consistent discography that churns out music better than the last.  JCON, fresh from the release of her album “Bittersweet”, makes relevancy look easy. It’s tough to carve out your place, let alone endure in an […]

PH Embraces London’s Viral Tube Girl’s Self-Confidence

Tube Girl

Public attention is synonymous with TikTok. Despite it being somewhat “common:” filming a 15-second dance, strolling a city’s bustling streets to capture a “day in the life,” or whatever consists of “trendiness” nowadays, choosing to record a clip while being out and about isn’t something that rests well for most creators on its platform—though a […]

Shanti Dope, HELLMERRY “Y.G.G.” MV is a Viral Hit

Shanti Dope

Shanti Dope with another banger Shanti Dope kicks off 2023 with his latest release “Y.G.G.” with his rap bud HELLMERRY. The single is the pair’s first collaboration since the release of “Loaded” from the former’s “Basic EP.” Apart from the Shanti Dope’s noticeable experimentation of a different flow,, “Y.G.G.” also trended as high as #3 […]