DBTK’s Emil and Vince Javier on Being the Gateway to Filipino Streetwear

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The Council: Emil & Vince Javier For many purveyors of Filipino streetwear, Don’t Blame The Kids was their gateway to the culture. Launched in 2012 by brothers Emil and Vince Javier, DBTK rose when international labels like Supreme and Stussy dominated the scene. The brand would evolve from small stalls at conventions to launching high-profile […]

DBTK’s Vince Javier on Creating Hype Around The “Spark”

DBTK Sneakers "Spark"

Mention Filipino sneaker culture; the first thoughts are Jordans, Air Forces, and Yeezys, models carried by big names such as Nike and adidas. The Philippines is a basketball country, so it makes sense that the most popular pairs are from brands that rep the love for the game. Like the rest of the world, international […]