Mac Ayres’ Narrative Is Continuously Growing

Mac Ayres

For most struggling musicians, the narrative of “making it one day” is something that is seemingly out of one’s reach or control—but it has undoubtedly been written in the stars for Mac Ayres. Delving into music posed as second nature (a reflex, if you’d call it) for the Long Island native, sprouted from the pure […]

RINI’s Undying Love For Being Filipino


With the ability to transcend borders, there’s a power vested in music that soothes the soul. The 2020s saw a more welcoming industry, which placed little importance on an artist’s origin or persona, but rather, on their relatability and talent for creating ear-catching tunes.  As aspiring composers populate the charts, each secures a growing fanbase […]

Urban Gathering’s Rap Up Finals Spotlights 6 Rising Young Artists

Urban Gathering Rap Up Finals

Urban Gathering, the premier hip-hop event series by TMP Industries, is gearing up to make its highly anticipated Philippine comeback at Quezon City after its first international installation in Thailand last May 17, 2023.  Featuring performances from the finest acts hailing from downtown Quezon City’s hip-hop scene, Urban Gathering 7 is happening this July 27, […]

Illest Morena Talks Sexual Intimacy in “Soul Ties”

Illest Morena - Soul Ties

Illest Morena adds another chapter to her exploration of love and intimacy Illest Morena deals with the addicting aspect of sexual intimacy with her latest single “Soul Ties”. The track is the latest in a string of releases from the artist that deals with the different stages of love, preceded by ‘Loml’ (infatuation), ‘Indigo Haze’ […]