Sneaker Deals of the Week: Nike Runners and Trainers

Sneaker Deals of the Week - Nike runners and trainers

Sneaker deals to get more bang for your buck The evolution of runners and trainers continues to transcend their mere utility. From its inception on the track oval to the present era, similar silhouettes populate global fashion and street culture, straying away from its original application as solely ‘running shoes’. Suitable for the everyday go-getter […]

The Best Air Max Day Releases, Ranked

Best Air Max Day Releases

In 2014, Nike declared March 26 as “Air Max Day,” a brand-created holiday celebrating the first-ever release of the Air Max 1 in 1987 that kicked off the now-classic Air Max line. The Air Max 1 was conceptualized by the legendary Tinker Hatfield. It was the first shoe to have a visible Air unit on […]

Filipino Creatives Rep “The Big Bubble” for Air Max Day 2023

Air Max Day 2023 - Commonwealth x Nike SNKRS

Commonwealth PH teams up with Nike SNKRS for Air Max Day 2023 Deemed as one the favorite times of the year for sneakerheads, the highly anticipated Air Max Day 2023 is set to commence this March 26. Since its inception, Nike has consistently turned heads with its exclusive releases, as 2023 continues to live up […]

Sneaker Deals of the Week: The Classic Nikes

Sneaker Deals - The Classic Nikes

Sneaker deals featuring timelessness coupled with trendiness With ‘vintage’ pairs being retro-ed left and right, the present continues to take a stroll down memory lane. In just the last six (6) months, we’ve seen the reemergence of the coveted ‘84 Chicagos and the reimagined ‘88 White Cements. as 2023 keeps us fellow sneaker-stans on our […]

What is the GOAT Sneaker? Sneakerheads Answer

What is the GOAT Sneaker? Sneakerheads Answer

And the GOAT sneaker is… Everyone has their pick for the greatest sneaker of all time. Would you go with the stylish Jordans and Air Force 1s? The old-school Vans and Converses? The comfy New Balances and Yeezys? Apart from style and comfort, sentimentality is also taken into account. Maybe Converse wins out due to […]

Best Black Sneakers Available in the Market

best black sneakers thumbnaill

We really can’t deny that sneakers are getting more and more creative and playful – that’s amazing. But sometimes you just don’t feel like wearing bright and colorful sneakers. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t look good.  Sometimes black sneakers are the way to go and here are the best available in stock right now. Vans […]

The Rarest Grails at Manila Sneaker Expo 12

Manila Sneaker Expo 12 rarest grails

The Manila Sneaker Expo 12, like its previous iterations, allows sneakerheads to cop almost every pair imaginable. The event represents today’s thriving sneaker industry, from good deals to collector’s items and window shoppers to hardcore enthusiasts. With such a high-profile gathering graced by figures like Bigboy Cheng and Private Selection, the Manila Sneaker Expo 12 […]

DBTK’s Vince Javier on Creating Hype Around The “Spark”

DBTK Sneakers "Spark"

Mention Filipino sneaker culture; the first thoughts are Jordans, Air Forces, and Yeezys, models carried by big names such as Nike and adidas. The Philippines is a basketball country, so it makes sense that the most popular pairs are from brands that rep the love for the game. Like the rest of the world, international […]

Ben Affleck’s “AIR” Recounts NIKE’s Courtship of Michael Jordan

Air thumbnail

Building a brand around the GOAT might sound like a “duh” moment nowadays, but that wasn’t always the case back in Nike’s early years. It took a lot of maneuvering and luck to turn the Air Jordan line into the iconic shoes they are today, and that journey is coming to life with “Air.” Directed […]

Eri Neeman on #KalboGamma and Pairing Suits with Sneakers

eri neeman kalbo gamma new balance thumbnail

With his #KalboGamma posts and #AddtoCartAdventures with his wife Monica, the internet is losing itself over Eri Neeman and his brand of self-deprecating humor. There is no shortage of hilarious comments, jabs, and impressive fan edits referencing his naked dome and couch exiles, all in good fun. As his followers put it, Neeman’s content is […]