San Beda Coach: “We’re Built To Face Adversities”

San Beda coach

Coming into the 99th Season of the Philippines’ National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), the San Beda Red Lions’ (SBU) Men’s Basketball Team got off on the wrong foot, evidenced by their rather poor outings—settling for runner-up positions in both of their preseason tourneys and dropping four of their first five games in the second round, […]

These College Athletes Share Their Pre-Game Playlist

3 College Athletes

With basketball being an intense sport, both pro and college athletes have created pre-game rituals to psych themselves up for the ebbs and flows of the game. Steph Curry would sprint up and down the court. Kevin Garnett would bump his head on the foamy base of the hoop. Some believe in superstition, like Dwyane […]