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The Council: KIYO We previously called kiyo the “King of Authenticity.” In many ways, the 23-year-old rapper represents the type of personality that social media gravitates towards; the everyman who shares slices of life with their audience, warts and all. His material reflects the average Filipino’s innermost thoughts, from our innate romantic tendencies in “Eba” […]

The 20 Best Filipino Hip-Hop Artists In Their 20s (2023)

20 Best Filipino Hip-Hop Artists in their 20s

Complex Council member Al James said it best: Filipino hip-hop is bigger than ever before. The culture has evolved from being a copycat of Western music to encapsulating the Filipino experience, including tales of love, family, social issues, and familiar #PinoyPride. The wide range of genres, coupled with the accessibility of social media, has birthed […]

Kiyo Proves Authenticity is King

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Kiyo is big on authenticity. In today’s social media space, that is the ultimate currency. People love following creators whose content features milestones, triumphs, feuds, and dramas. But while it might seem simple to “put yourself out there,” it takes a special kind of talent to dig deep, latch on to something emotionally resonant, and […]