Get to Know: Illest Morena, Spotify RADAR Artist

Illest Morena - Spotify RADAR Artist

“It’s the Illest, baby.” Few have a better catchphrase to cap off a killer performance than Illest Morena. Angelica Layague oozes sensual charm, best captured by her string of releases that capture the love-drunk experience, like ‘LOML’, ‘Indigo Haze’, and ‘Pick-Up’.  Her unabashed approach landed her in our list of “Best Female Rappers in the […]

Illest Morena Talks Sexual Intimacy in “Soul Ties”

Illest Morena - Soul Ties

Illest Morena adds another chapter to her exploration of love and intimacy Illest Morena deals with the addicting aspect of sexual intimacy with her latest single “Soul Ties”. The track is the latest in a string of releases from the artist that deals with the different stages of love, preceded by ‘Loml’ (infatuation), ‘Indigo Haze’ […]

The Best Filipina Rappers Right Now

Best Filipina rappers

Make way for Filipina Rappers This International Women’s Month, we’re paying tribute to Filipino femcees. Much has been said about the hip-hop industry and its treatment of women, but with time comes growth and progress. Recent years have seen several Filipina rappers break the glass ceiling of a male-dominated industry, solidifying their names, crafting a […]