‘The Flash’ New Trailer sees Michael Keaton “Get Nuts”

The Flash Trailer feat. Michael Keaton

Vegas’ CinemaCon 2023 features the newly released trailer of ‘The Flash,’ providing more depth to the character’s time-traveling arc. The nearly 3-minute montage showcases remnants of the ‘92 rendition of Batman, with Michael Keaton reprising his role as Bruce Wayne. Embracing what is described as an older portrayal of the character, he briefly mentions the […]

The First Trailer for DC’s ‘Blue Beetle’ Has Arrived

Blue Beetle first trailer

The action-packed first trailer for DC’s Blue Beetle has arrived. In our biggest look at the superhero film yet, we get a glimpse at what to expect from Jaime Reyes as he becomes Blue Beetle through the use of an alien scarab. There’s also a brief reference to Batman near the end of the trailer, […]