Michael Jordan’s Forgotten New Balance Moment

Michael Jordan

If you’ve watched the movie Air, which chronicles Michael Jordan’s first sneaker deal and the creation of Air Jordan, then you know that he flirted with other brands before becoming Nike’s all-time most important endorser. Adidas was his preference over Nike. In college, he wore Converse. Jordan took meetings with both brands before signing the […]

Michael Jordan’s Last Dance Pair Fetches a Hefty $2.2M on Auction

michael jordan

“Priceless” and “legendary” will forever co-exist with arguably the greatest of all time to ever step on the hardwood, Michael Jordan—even so during pivotal moments in his 15-season campaign. Since the premiere of The Last Dance in 2020, Gen-Z members like me who vaguely recall the late 90s-early 00s experienced a glimpse of his greatness, […]