Because on the Evolution of Filipino Love Songs

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The Council: Because Filipinos, at their core, are hopeless romantics. What cannot be expressed in cheesy hugot lines or words of affection, we leave to music. Mainstream pop led the way, with OPM offerings that deal with love found, lost, butterflies in our stomachs, and will they/won’t they moments. But a recent evolution has seen […]

The 20 Best Filipino Hip-Hop Artists In Their 20s (2023)

20 Best Filipino Hip-Hop Artists in their 20s

Complex Council member Al James said it best: Filipino hip-hop is bigger than ever before. The culture has evolved from being a copycat of Western music to encapsulating the Filipino experience, including tales of love, family, social issues, and familiar #PinoyPride. The wide range of genres, coupled with the accessibility of social media, has birthed […]