Vanessa Hudgens Ties the Knot With Cole Tucker

Vanessa Hudgens, Cole Tucker

Filipino-American singer-actress Vanessa Hudgens retreated to Tulum, Mexico, this past December 2, 2023, together with her professional baseball player fiancé-turned-husband Cole Tucker, exchanging vows through a private ceremony, according to Vogue and Hudgens’ wedding dress designer, Vera Wang. Instagram: @vogueweddings, @vanessahudgens From their brief interaction over a Zoom meditation session in October 2020, the shortstop […]

Man Gets Tackled Trying To Propose, Girlfriend Says Yes

Dodgers Stadium Proposal

UPDATED 4/4, 12:45 a.m. ET: Ricardo Juarez has been banned from Dodger Stadium for one year, TMZ reports. “But, I mean, he’ll live, right?” said fiancée Ramona Saavedra in a conversation with TMZ. She added, “He always tries to do everything with a lot of love. … He shows a lot of effort—I never thought […]