NASA Shares New Pics of Uranus

Uranus new pictures.

NASA has unveiled the ice titan, Uranus, in a new light (quite literally), with 11 of its 13 rings peering over its surface.  Introduced in December of 2021, the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) stands to be a formidable watcher of the cosmos, providing a giant leap for mankind into astrophotography through its extensive wavelength […]

All the Times Pope Francis Became a Hypebeast Meme

Pope Francis memes

Pope Francis has got to be the most memeable pope in history. That might have something to do with starting a tenure during the peak of the social media age. Or that he’s more “open” to contemporary beliefs than his predecessors. The point is Internet culture has a soft spot for the 86-year-old pontiff. Just […]

This Filipino Artist Dropped a “Pamasahe Guide” for Conyos

10 cent art conyo pamasahe guide thumbnail

As someone who commuted the long streets of Taft Avenue back in college, I have first-hand experience with the communication dissonance between students and the countless PUV drivers that traverse the route. For every “Kuya, magkano po?” was an equal “Onse”, “trese” or “kinse” that left the former scratching their heads in confusion. Blame it […]