AI Manny Pacquiao Is Covering Your Fave Songs

AI Manny Pacquiao

Manny Pacquiao is known for his passions beyond the ring. While the 2022 Philippine presidential candidate is recognized for his varied side quests (which at times may be a reach), his attempt to step foot into the music industry was iconic yet short-lived.  While we’re left to wonder what may have been if PacMan dropped […]

This AI Trend Generates 90s School Yearbook Photos

AI Trend

With nostalgia serving as the fave drug of the present, Artificial Intelligence (AI) provides a gateway into discovering what our past selves may look like. Hitching on the trend of viral generated images and videos, Korean-established developer SNOW Corporation provides a throwback through EPIK’s 90s “AI Yearbook” filter.  Downloadable through the Apple and Google Play […]

The Internet Reacts to the PH’s First AI Sportscasters

PH First AI Sportscasters

Technology remains undefeated, though this time, its presence captures the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA). In anticipation of the tournament’s 99th season, GMA Integrated News released a statement regarding the integration of male (Marco) and female (Maia) artificial intelligence (AI) reporters to spearhead coverage experience from the “sidelines.” Twitter/X: @gmanews Per the statement, GMA Network […]