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The Internet Reacts To Shay Mitchell Saying She’s of “Irish and Spanish” Descent

Noting her history of proudly representing the Philippines, Canadian actress-entrepreneur Shay Michell appears to have left out her being Filipina.
Shay Mitchell
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While “Filipino Pride” appears to be a celebrated facet of one’s identity, Canadian actress and entrepreneur Shay Mitchell seemed to have forgotten her mother’s roots during her HBO Max series, Thirst With Shay Mitchell. In the clip that made rounds on the Internet, she demonstrated her strong tolerance for spiciness, and credits it to her heritage—her “Irish father and her mother of Spanish descent.”

Since the upload, Filipinos online appear displeased with Mitchell, as several noted her previous warm embrace of being Filipina. According to her IMDb page, her mother, Precious Garcia, hails from Pampanga, making Mitchell half-Filipino. She is also the reported niece of Broadway icon Lea Salonga, noting Garcia and Salonga’s first cousin ties.

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According to Inquirer POP!, Mitchell explained the difficulties in accepting her ethnicity growing up. She received discriminatory remarks from her peers due to her appearance which resulted in hiding to avoid their taunts. However, she eventually realized the importance of her roots and embraced her Filipino identity over time.

“Why am I trying to change myself? I should be proud of who I am and what my heritage is,” she told Pop Sugar in a 2016 interview.

Mitchell followed up the story on a recent episode of Mythical Kitchen’s Last Meals, where she presented her struggles of trying to fit in—regarding the experience as something she would never want her children to experience.

“…To show that exterior part to the world, it was dying my hair lighter [and] wearing contacts. I look back and I’m like why? You know especially now as a mother, it would break my heart to ever hear my girls would want to change their appearance,” she mentioned.

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With the Pretty Little Liars actress leaving out her Filipino distinction on her show, the Internet expressed their disappointment with Mitchell’s decision to mask her heritage.

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