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Bretman Rock Breaks Down His Favorite Filipino Snacks

James Francisco

Bretman Rock is a wildly popular YouTuber, reality TV star, and now author, with the book “You're That Bitch” hitting shelves on February 14. But when Bretman isn't busy taking over the world, he's snacking on some iconic snacks from his childhood in the Philippines. From the proper way to unwrap a piece of Choc-Nut, to the importance of sourcing dried mango directly from the motherland, Bretman gives a master's class in classic Filipino snacks and candies.

In case you’re too preoccupied to watch the video, here’s a quick breakdown of his reactions to Pillows, Piattos, Choc Nut, and more.

On Pillows:

Pillows 1

“Mmm… cheap chocolate, like my favorite! I love this. My favorite thing to do is let it melt in my mouth. If you get the one from the Philippines, it comes with 15 pieces at most, so b*tch I be savoring that sh*t up. I leave it in my mouth and let it melt.”

On Piattos (Sour Cream & Onion)


“My favorite thing about Filipinos and snacks is they really flavor that sh*t. The snacks they got in America, they’re playing y’all short. My favorite part about the snack is actually the fingers. You get to lick after and yeah, I am a snack-finger-licking b*tch. Judge me.”

On Boy Bawang

boy bawang

“This is the Filipino popcorn. These are corn snacks…Surprisingly enough, I never had popcorn until I got to America. For the beginning stage of my life, I was convinced [Boy Bawang] was popcorn. I am still very much a Boy Bawang b*tch.”

“Fair warning tho, this do make your breath stink. It’s garlic flavor at the end of the day but it’s super garlicky, so if you’re going on a date with a vampire, don’t kiss him.”

On Choc Nut

choc nut 1

“This is one of my favorite snacks. When my mom goes home I always tell her to get the Choc Nut because the Choc Nut you get in the Philippines is so different from the one they have in America, but that’s neither here nor there.”

“[Choc Nut] tastes just like how it sounds: chocolate with peanuts. If you can open this without breaking, you can perform open heart surgery.”

On Skyflakes


“If you’re a mother and you always have emergency snacks for your kids in your bag, this is definitely one of them. This is often enjoyed with coffee, like an old people thing.

“Also, this is served in a lot of funerals and I don’t know why but specifically somehow the condensada flavored one is what they always serve at the f*cking funerals. I dunno why it’s bringing me back to my uncle’s funeral.”

“This video is getting dark but I love funeral food.”

On Dried Mango

dried mangoes

“If you guys never had Philippine mango in your life, then don’t be around walking around that you ate the best mango ever because b*tch, Filipinos have the best mango and I will die on that f*cking hill.”

“[Dried mangos] remind me of all the road trips to Manila, but I think they sell this a lot in Baguio City. Pretty sure that’s where I first had it.”

Words by First We Feast

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