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Fashion in the Philippines has been predominantly traditional—with the 2000s channeling a reform in adapting more foreign influences. Choosing the perfect fit transcends the mere utility of being clothed but presents a persona rich in personal expression and taste.

With “hype” options playing a recurring wardrobe component in the past decade, the ability to incorporate newly unearthed styles and designs may pose some difficulties for some, as up-and-coming Filipino-Japanese fashion and streetwear enthusiasts pioneered its movement.

Nika Higashionna emerged as a creator, exhibiting her love for footwear and fashion in the mid-2010s—embracing the surge by showcasing eccentric outfits and themes, heavily embodying the changing times. As one of the founders of Team Streetwear Philippines (now The Third World), she gravitated towards amplifying the fledging streetwear culture locally, building more than just a brand—but a community intertwined through the love of sneakers.

Apart from her stylistic expression, Higashionna’s platform is rooted beyond procuring outfits but delves into the convergence of cultures. A disciple of the keen details of art and sneakers, choosing to exhibit her unique-fashion aesthetic initially posed as a hobby before venturing into the continuous discovery of personal style.

More than just a creator, she stands as a blueprint for modern fashion—embarking on a promising direction by advocating the acceptance of worldwide cultures and inclusivity coupled with a wide spectrum of personalities.

Nika shares with Complex Philippines her humble upbringing—from modeling for A Bathing Ape and meeting pop-culture icons, to hopefully establishing a female-centric platform catered to embracing individualistic expression.

How did you get started in your field, and who are your influences?

I started posting a few years ago. It has always been my hobby [to immerse] myself in sneakers and fashion. I’ve always had an appreciation for art and sneakers in general. In my early years, I started modeling, subtly pursuing content creation. People who inspired my fashion sense and direction would be Adrianne Ho and Emily Oberg.

You were one of the individuals who capitalized on converging fledging styles and hype footwear, seeing your rise in the mid-2010s. How would you define the growth of your style?

My style continues to evolve as my inspiration comes from different streetwear brands and trends. Pairing suitable footwear with my outfits has been something I’ve always loved doing— establishing my love for collecting sneakers. Traveling influenced my style, especially when visiting stores, trying on different brands, and seeing the rich architectural designs first-hand. I’d define [style] as more versatile nowadays, continuously changing and growing.


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From meeting Snoop Dog to modeling for Bape, how does one grow to that level?

Fostering meaningful relationships helped me get to where I am today, though it wouldn’t have been possible without preparedness and faith in myself. Being exposed to international brands helped me get the right people and brands to work with. My knowledge of fashion and how it changed over the years allowed me to connect with the people in the industry.

What about content creation do people actually overlook?

Many don’t realize that content creation requires much time and brainstorming. Effectively producing worthwhile content takes much time and effort. It’s about creating your own with what you see or your inspiration in life. You have to be driven by passion to channel your full potential. It’s your ideas and creativity that would make you stand out.

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How do you see content creation evolve in the next five years? Are there any changes to take note of or trends to adapt to?

A lot of changes in technology and social media will change the content creation game. The more saturated the market is, the more you have to think of ways to be more creative. Trends seem so fast-paced, as what is most important is to stay in the loop, remain consistent, and be as unique as possible.

How do you see yourself taking part in this future?

There is so much potential in the Philippines, and I want to create a community-centric platform where women/girls could share their style/fashion—as we know how men dominate the sneaker industry locally.


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Hair Patrick John
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COMPLEX participates in various affiliate marketing programs, which means COMPLEX gets paid commissions on purchases made through our links to retailer sites. Our editorial content is not influenced by any commissions we receive.

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